This page is not finished but here is a bit of information about me.

Who am I?

Hey, you found my Website 😀
My name is Johannes Röring and I actually run this site,
I’m from the beautiful country called Germany where I currently work as a process optimizer.

What do I do?

In my free time I do quite a broad spectrum of things.
I am a voluntary firefighter.
I am a Furry and interact in the Furry fandom on a nearly daily basis (maybe I will post about that stuff on here later)
And I program and build my own hardware projects, mainly with Arduino but I will do more Raspberry stuff in the future.
The Code i write can be found on my Github and i plan to show the stuff I make on my blog page in the near future.

Where can you find me?

Guess what, I thought of that and made a separate Contact page for that.